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Innovative structural design and finish make the ULTIMATUM 2.0 and BULL M01
Fully built using "vacuum technology" with top of the line materials and the most advanced techniques in the Hispano Aviacion factory in Spain. High quality construction according to the highest European standards.
Fast, simple and easy to build and setup.
We offer a variety of options for customized painting schemes or high-quality vinyl to satisfy all preferences and budgets.
The large opening at the top allows easy access to the turbine and all electronic components.
The Ultimatum is a rocket with flight characteristics that support incredible high speeds and high "G" manoeuvres. It is one of the most beautiful, fastest and robust sport jets available. The Bull M01 is a constant speed aerobatic jets ideally suited to F3S and pattern jet flying.

We offer custom painted airframes as well and will work with you to design a scheme that fits your style, Here some examples of customs schemes:MORE THAN 20 YEARS AT THE SERVICE OF THE HOBBY.

HISPANO AVIACION was born from the passion, creativity and experience acquired in this sector for more than 20 years.

There are many offers from manufacturers, but possibly HISPANO AVIACIÓN is one of the best options on the market, for quality and extreme flying.

Manufacture "Made in Spain" to the highest aerospace grade and technology.

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Shipping, taxes import fees not included, and prices subject to Euro/ USD rates.

Estimated shipping 220 Euro to Dubai.

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