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Hispano Aviacion BULL M O1

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Product Details
Brand: Hispano Aviacion
Cost: 3300


An innovative structural design and its original design make the BULL Mo1 original and elegant.

Its NACA shots made by our aeronautical engineers make the Bull Mo1 possibly the most advanced aircraft in the market in terms of the design of "fluid dynamics" on an RC jet.

Constructed using "vacuum technology" with new materials and the most advanced aerospace techniques.

Hispano Aviacion quality has no doubt, compared to the standard production kits.

The large opening at the top allows easy access for the installation of all electronic components and thus can be completely inspected. It has lower access for installing and testing the turbine, with a completely new system for anchoring the turbine.

The flight characteristics are incredible at all speeds, but where it demonstrates its power is in its slow and harmonious flight.

Thanks to this feature, the BULL Mo1 can be flown by novice pilots, but they will delight the most extreme pilots.

The BULL Mo1 has been designed for turbines from 13 Kg to 20 Kg. It is also possible to install a Vector trust to perform 3D manoeuvres.

Factory building and custom painting service is available

Contact: for updated pricing and order details.

Starting Price Listed for the base model

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